The word Metaphysics is a combination of two words – Meta, meaning over and beyond – and then physics. Thus, the combination means over and beyond physics. Our Differentiated Reality (perceivable difference in or between.) is but a shadow of the Undifferentiated Reality (not having any distinguishing features), that we want to pursue. The revelation that there is a Dualism in the cosmic Conceptual Scheme where, the natural Sciences, Ancient Scriptures, the prophecies and indeed our very own Conscience are all but mirror reflections of our true realism; is where this book attempts to bring you closer to The Truth. This is a holistic approach, characterized by the synthesis of the Body, Soul and Spirit as well as the nature of their integration in the physical, spiritual, philosophical, and metaphysical worlds.

This publication will introduce you to the Spiritual dimension and open your eyes to the fallacies and false belief systems that we vainly embrace in our fundamentally flawed belief systems. It is not a New-Age concept, sold to an unsuspecting, hungry audience. This book does not target any particular secular order, denomination or institution and it does not side with the dogmatic, to fill seats in a new thought pattern. Instead, I employ an Ancient, Biblical overview and conclusive message of the unchanging, Constitutional Structures that makes up our Differentiated and the Undifferentiated Reality. A world that is very much ingrown in our being, but also a failed product of the banality of our belief systems.

I attempt, not to discredit Science altogether, but merely address the theoretical hypotheses that the layman to the Natural Sciences, have adopted as absolute truths. The objective truth, I argue, originates not through secular knowledge, but exists in our primal beings and Inspired Writings. Corrupt worldviews, false senses of Reality and our very limited access to true wisdom is revealed in the conclusions we draw of life, of the creation and ultimately of our very innermost core beings.

To grow into our pre-ordained destined existence, we are required to reformat our complete thinking. We are required to investigate the ancient pearls of wisdom as presented in the Holy Scriptures and apply a child-like submission to the divine Spiritual possession in order to make progress. In this matter, we alone can choose, whether we want to proceed or not. We have to accept that what is written here, may shock, may test and may even destroy the very principles upon which we feel our Spirituality is grounded. The message employed in this book does not have at its core, a message of comfort and commercial acceptance. It is not my intention to tickle the ears. This teaching is both secret and difficult to understand.

The curious individual, will, however, be excited to learn the bridging connections between our Divine Guiding Spirit, the Human Soul, and the Physical Body. We will learn that our development, spiritually, is hampered only by one thing. Our own unwillingness to submit our souls to the divine guiding Light. We also learn that our physical existence is but a reflection of a higher, mega-order that transcends time, space and matter.
Emphasis is placed on the realization that we have deceitfully been let to understanding key scientific and biblical concepts solely from the perspective of the physical plane. Thus, Muddying the waters of our understanding. We learn that the Scriptures have Three distinguishable messages in virtually every concurrent verse, that allows people at various stages of their Spiritual development, to read the same verses and tap into different conceptual disciplines from the very same core text.

May this work, which I belief is Divinely inspired, bring you to the Everlasting Truth of our existence.

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It’s all fun and games – until someone loses an eye!
It’s all fun and games – until someone loses an eye!
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Metaphysics means -  Over and beyond Physics

Our Differential Reality - what we perceive to be tangible, or Physical/Physics

Differentiated Reality - Where there is a perceivable difference between
what is Reality and what is an illusion.

Our Undifferential Reality is what we perceive to be intangible, or
metaphysical and not reality.

Undifferentiated Reality - Where there is no perceivable Reality,
or distinguishing features to recognise it.

There is a Grand Conceptual Scheme in which
these both exist as a perceivable reality.

Understanding the Body, Soul and Spirit
is the key in making sense of these two realities;
making it tangible concepts

The purpose of the book is to find synergy in the realities

The source of this information is in our Ancient scriptures
and also buried in our instinctive "memory" or DNA.

Our modern frame of reference prevents us to recognise
the undifferential reality

The second key to understand these concepts is to
use the ancient frame of reference to re-discover the
burried and hidden knowledge.

Although science can help us discover the true realities
We are more likely to find it by looking past
modern, scientific hypothesys to access true wisdom.

We are required to reformat our thinking-
paterns to develop this understanding

Development can only commence
once we submit our Soul
to the Divine Guiding Spirit and then
our Bodies to that Sumissive Soul.